Large Starter Kit (20 Colors + Accessories)

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– 3,320 Petite wooden rose buds (up to 20 colors); 415 bunches of eight

– FREE Concentrated Rose Scented Oil ($5.00 value)

– FREE: 1′ x 3′ banner ($10.00 value) first order only

Choose 6 FREE Accessory Packs from among:

(1) 5″ Printed Sleeves (Pack of 100)

(2) 10″ Printed Sleeves (Pack of 100)

(3) Designer Onion Grass (Pack of 100)

***** Additional info below *****

Our wooden roses look so real and come in so many stunningly beautiful colors, they make the perfect floral decor for any wedding or other elegant event. They’re also a lovely addition to any home’s decor, or a thoughtful hostess gift. With so many uses for these realistic wooden roses, they make an excellent item to sell for a fundraiser or as the basis for starting your own side business, too — and our large starter kit offers you a cost-conscious way to get started with wooden roses without a huge upfront investment.

The large wooden roses starter kit we offer includes 3,320 petite wooden rose buds in up to 20 colors, as well as your choice of 6 accessory packs that include items like 5” printed sleeves, 10” printed sleeves, or designer onion grass. You’ll also receive a free container of concentrated rose scented oil to make your wooden roses that much more realistic and appealing. And with your first order, you’ll also receive for FREE our 1’ by 3’ banner to help you advertise your wooden rose arrangements and increase your sales.

Our wooden roses look amazingly real, but are much more permanent (not to mention affordable) than real roses. With over 60 unique colors available, it’s easy to match these high quality wooden rosebuds to your wedding colors or create beautiful arrangements to sell.

We keep a large color selection of wooden roses in stock for immediate delivery, but we welcome you to contact us with any questions about our products. We pride ourselves on answering customer emails and returning calls in a prompt manner so you can get exactly the beautiful wooden roses starter kit you need in a timely fashion.

Great for a side business, fundraising, or wedding. You may select up to 20 different colors.

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 22 × 19 in

#25 White/Green, #27 White, #28 White/Brown, #32 Green, #39 White/Yellow, #40 Emrald, #41 Black, #42 Pewter, #47 Light Green, #50 White/Light Green, #53 White/Olive, #54 Light Green/Dark Green, #55 Hunter Green, #56 Marigold


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