5″ Economy Printed Sleeve (pack of 100)


$0.08 per sleeve

Holds 6 petite or half opened roses.


At Wooden Roses Factory Direct, we know that presentation is everything. So along with our many colors and styles of gorgeous wooden roses — including rose buds, long stem roses, half opened roses and fully opened roses, we also carry the right accessories to properly show them off. That’s why we offer these 5 inch economy printed florist sleeves in an affordable pack of 100!

These plastic sleeves have little white flowers printed on them, and can comfortably hold a bunch of 6 petite or half opened roses. Paired with some of our other wooden rose accessories such as mini gypsum bunches or designer onion grass, these printed sleeves help you create beautiful wooden rose bouquets that accent their beauty.

Whether you wish to create wooden rose arrangements for an event, for a fundraiser, or to sell in your own side business, these 5 inch printed flower sleeves can help. Place your order for a printed sleeve pack of 100 today, and have fun creating your own beautiful arrangements with our wooden roses!

These sleeves have white printed flowers on them, and they comfortably hold 6 petite or half opened roses. Comes in a pack of 100.