• Small Starter Kit (15 Colors + Accessories)

    $267.00 $240.00

    *Please order by entering the quantity, in bunches, followed by the color number. Put all like quantities together.*

    *If a color is selected that is not listed as being in stock, it will be replaced with the next closest color*


    – 2,440 Petite wooden rose buds (choose up to 15 colors); 305 bunches of eight

    – FREE Concentrated Rose Scented Oil ($5.00 value)

    Choose 4 FREE Accessory Packs from among: 

    (1) 5″ Printed Sleeves (Pack of 100)

    (2) 10″ Printed Sleeves (Pack of 100)

    (3) Designer Onion Grass (Pack of 100)


    – 1′ x 3′ banner ($10.00)

    ***** Additional info below *****

    Great for a side business, fundraising, or wedding. You may select up to 15 different colors.

    Wooden roses are beautiful and versatile, and also extremely realistic! Best of all, they are affordable when you buy your wood roses and accessories wholesale from Wooden Roses Factory Direct. 

    Customers buy our small kits of wooden roses for a variety of reasons, from wedding decor to fundraising or starting their own business. Don’t let the name fool you — these small starter kits include many different items, so you get a lot of value for your investment! Choose up to 15 different colors of petite wooden rose buds, a free container of concentrated rose scented oil, and your choice of 4 accessory packs containing useful items such as 5” printed sleeves, 10” printed sleeves, or designer onion grass. 

    We offer over 60 unique colors of wooden roses for you to choose from. If you select a color that is not listed as being in stock, we will replace it with the next closest color. All of our wooden rose buds are gorgeous and look very real, so they are sure to be enjoyed no matter whether you’re buying them as wedding decor or to raise funds for any cause! They’re also a great way to make money without a large investment upfront, and we offer advertising banners that you can easily add to your order to help you boost your sales. 

    Choose your rose colors and accessory packs and order your small start kit of wooden roses today!